Building Materials

Building a home is a popular choice because if offers homeowners the ability to customize options which suit their needs and personal tastes. When building a home, you have the option to tailor floor plans, countertop selections, and even select cabinet knobs. A new house gives the buyer the ability to create a unique personalized home right from the start.

Every home buyer should know that when constructing a new home, the materials that are used need to be reliable. The beauty of materials will only last as long as their life does. For this reason, it is wise to seek out efficient methods and long lasting materials to improve the structural integrity of a home and to also be environmentally friendly.

Pirtle Homes always uses the best lumber available in our homes. All homes are typically framed with 2”x 6” exterior walls while other builders will use 2” x 4” exterior walls. This adds strength to the structure and gives the home an extra two inches for whatever type of insulation is selected. Our floor system includes engineered I-Joists combined with Advantec sub flooring to ensure those pesky floor squeaks will be non-existent. 

Engineered floor joists are extremely advantageous. With engineered floor joists you will never have to worry about your floors squeaking, shrinking, or becoming uneven and requiring maintenance. It seems that many homeowners fail to consider the floor joists when building a home, but it really should be a major area of focus considering the fact that floor joists have the important job of supporting the weight of furniture, human traffic and appliances. They also stand the wear-and-tear of everyday family living and function as the ceiling of the basement or first floor. Furthermore, engineered floor joist let you enjoy more spacious rooms because engineered joists have longer span capabilities. With this environmentally friendly building material, home buyers can feel good not only about the structural integrity of their home but also about the environment.

Overall, it is a very wise move for people who are considering building a new home to ask their builders what materials are used in the building process. A home is only as well-built as the materials in it.